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89 Queen Street South (Enter at rear of the building from church street)
Unit A, 
Mississauga, Ontario  
L5M 1K7

821 Main Street
(above the Milton Soccer Club)
Milton, Ontario

Tel: 647-864-7119


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Certification & Training

Certification and Training

One Certification Program includes:

Yoga Teacher Training

Pilates Instructor Training

Prenatal Yoga - Yoga Birth Method Training



The curriculum requires reading, practice and teaching time.  The homework is pre set and done on your own time with guided supervision.  Through intense group discussion we learn the dynamics of all root poses and cover the benefits, cautions, modifications, prenatal aspects, restorative aspects, advanced techniques, verbal cueing and hands on correcting. The teaching techniques are based on Hatha Yoga principles and developing a Vinyasa (flow) teaching style. 


In this area the group will be given Asana class regularly which will enable the students to become familiar with their own practice and begin to develop insight from within themselves in order to effectively teach from the heart. The most authentic teacher is one that uses knowledge based from their own experiences.


We will look into the aspects of breathing, stress management, mental awareness and various medical conditions. How to incorporate Yoga into the lives of those that suffer from illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis and other major/minor illnesses.


The history and origins of yoga is an important foundational base of knowledge for instructors. We will study the 8 limbs of yoga, the Bhagavad Gita and Patangali's Yoga Sutras. This area will be primarily group discussion and open students up to introspection on personal morales and values. We will also reflect on society expectations and the behaviors of humankind.


We will cover the various breathing techniques used in Yoga practice such as Kapalabhakti, Alternate Nostril, and Ujayi. We will also look at the benefits of Meditation and the approach to various styles.


This section will focus on the human body. Understanding the major systems being the digestive, respiratory, muscular, nervous and skeletal system. Students will be expected to recognize and identify various structures of the body by the end of the program.


Students will be expected to teach and assist classes within the group. In addition mock classes will be organized by the studio to allow students to develop confidence and an ability to work with other individuals in correcting postures and offering modifications. Feedback within the group will be an important aspect to the program


The contents of our course are based on the actual practical needs of Pilates instructors and students. (Although anatomy is covered it is only to the basic level required to teach Pilates.) We concentrate on teaching you what you will need to know to be successful. This is your chance to learn the “secrets” of Pilates teachers! In addition to traditional Pilates we also cover a number of lifestyle issues which in reality are often an integral part of one-to-one tuition.

We use the continuous assessment system to evaluate your ability as a Pilates instructor, you are evaluated during each session. We believe that this is far better than a one off exam. Because of this there is NO exam! 

Course Outline:

Learn the 5 basic principles essential to all pilates exercises

Learn 22 essential mat exercises for all levels.  Each exercise is broken down into beginner,  intermediate and advanced.  In addition we incorporate how to use stability ball for each individual exercise.

You will receive a chart format of all exercises where you are required to complete as your manual.  We go over all muscles groups and modifications for beginners and advanced techniques so that the instructor can work with all levels in one class setting or can work with special needs students as appropriate.  You will be required to teach each exercise as we learn, allowing yourself to become comfortable with words and cueing. 

Pilates will be covered in the last 2 months of the sessions.


A Natural Practice for an Enlightened Birth

Dorothy Guerra is the author of “Yoga Birth Method, How to Have an Calm, Natural and Enlightened Birth Experience using the Yoga Birth Method”

Order a copy of the book at

She is a conference presenter for CAPPA Canada (Canadian Anitpartum and Postnatal Association), Doulas of North America (DONA) and Lamaze International and Yoga Show and Conference Toronto.  She has been on the forefront of educating yoga as a birth choice and changing the way women experience labor. 

Get Certified as a YBM Instructor –Be more than a Prenatal Yoga Teacher.  This will give you the training to be a Yoga Birth Educator. 

One weekend must be chosen to complete this portion:

2 day Yoga Birth Method Certification - 2 additional days are added on for full Prenatal yoga teacher certification

Mississauga, Ontario - January 24-25 (26-27 for prenatal yoga)
Boston, Massachusetts - January 31-Feb 1 (2-3 for prenatal)
Northern California - February 14-15 (16-17 for prenatal)
New York, New York - April 11-12 (13-14 for prenatal)
Ottawa, Ontario - February 7-8 (9-10 for prenatal)
Kamloops, British Columbia - April 18-19 (20-21 for prenatal)
Edmonton, Alberta - Apri 25-26 (27-28 for Prenatal)

Mexico, Brazil, Poland pending 2015 dates -please contact us for info on these and other locations


Childbirth education meets "yoga birthing".  This weekend intensive teaches an 8 step yoga pathway for labour that enables women to have a natural, mindful and enlightened childbirth experience. You will learn how prenatal yoga can be used as a measure for managing labour pain and effective labour progression.  The Yoga Birth Method is a unique yoga technique combining the philosophy of yoga, asana sequencing for the three stages of labour and breath awareness for a mindful connection to the baby during birth.

The weekend certification Intensive is ideal for Yoga teachers looking to become prenatal certified, prenatal yoga teachers wanting to teach childbirth preparation to their students, for other childbirth professionals wanting to teach The Yoga Birth Method technique.  The training will consist of::

Dorothy Guerra is the creator of The Yoga Birth Method.  She developed this program through her work as Labour Doula and Child Birth Educator.  She has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and facilitates a yoga teacher training program in Toronto.  She is a faculty presenter for the Yoga show and Conference, Toronto and the 16th annual Doulas of North America Conference and Lamaze Mega Conference. Owner of Birth Yoga Studios and The Yoga Birth Method Institute.  Affiliated with CAPPA Canada, Lamaze International and International Childbirth Education Association and  President of Yoga Network of Canada