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89 Queen Street South (Enter at rear of the building from church street)
Unit A, 
Mississauga, Ontario  
L5M 1K7

821 Main Street
(above the Milton Soccer Club)
Milton, Ontario

Tel: 647-864-7119


For any matters related to Prenatal or Doula Services, please

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Fertility Doula Services:

I work one-on-one with individuals and couples who are experiencing fertility issues or under going treatments at clinics. As many of you unfortunately know, trying to conceive is overwhelming and having to make sense of all your treatment options at clinics can be stressful. My service as a fertility doula is multifaceted: I offer yoga classes specialized for fertility management,  I am a patient advocate for treatments in fertility clinics - helping you understand your options and assessing what decisions are right for you finacnially, I am also a sounding board and confidant. The guidance and support that you receive is invaluable to achieving your goals of parenthood.


Cost to be discussed based on needs

Infertility Yoga Classes

** Note:  Sessions consist of 4 consecutive classes running weekly on Saturdays:

4 weeks - $90 plus HST
Preregister or for sessions dates
Drop in available for $25 if you call ahead.

If you would like to see Yoga Classes at you Fertility Clinic call us and we will contact your clinic to initiate a partnership.

Private sessions are recommended while undergoing IUI's and IVF's treatments $65 per session or $180 three sessions

Trying to conceive a child should be a fun and special time in your life. But when you experience a negative test month after month the fun starts to fade and the stress and anxiety start to take over. Slowly you may start to feel like isolating yourself from friends and family that have kids and find that your regular activities such as work begin to take a back seat to your infertility worries. When this starts to happen the stress we accumulate can become a hindrance to your body and further negate your situation. Yoga for infertility can help you reconnect with your body and regain control of your fertility. Yoga helps to keep hormones in balance and moves blood to the reproductive system to ensure proper nourishment is being received to carry a child. These classes will help you see your fertility as a journey that belongs to you and that you have the ability to get through it. Whether you are just starting your journey or are facing assisted reproductive treatment we can design a program for you privately or join a group class.

We cover the following topics:

IAC Support Group (Infertility Awareness Association of Canada)

IAAC Support Groups across the country are our local grassroots community service providers to the Canadian population. The National Chapter Establishment Program is one of the main features of our organization. IAAC support groups across Canada are led by Chapter Leaders who have personally experienced the heartache of infertility.

Join is for the Mississauga/Peel network support group held:

Contact us for the next session - Session are free and require RSVP .

Parivartan Yoga Studio, 350 Burnhamthorpe Road, Mississauga ON, L5R 2K1
Supporting you through discussion, hearing your fertility story, connecting with similar situations from others. Each session will have a relaxation to help release emotional stress and rejuvenate your body.

Infertility Stress Management

Most healthy couples conceive within one year. However in some circumstances it may take longer. The outcome of a negative pregnancy test each month can create enormous stress on a couple. The female is at greater risk as the accumulated stress in her body can prevent pregnancy from taking place and lead to other illness. In addition, the emotional disappointment can lead to depression, low self esteem and anxiety disorder.

Learning to cope is important. Proper coping techniques can save or strengthen your relationship with your partner and lead the path to wanted pregnancy.

Therapy helps to deal with the following infertility issues:

We offer: