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89 Queen Street South (Enter at rear of the building from church street)
Unit A, 
Mississauga, Ontario  
L5M 1K7

821 Main Street
(above the Milton Soccer Club)
Milton, Ontario

Tel: 647-864-7119


For any matters related to Prenatal or Doula Services, please

HOT Yoga Classes

** Note:  please check the schedule for class times.

Our infrared heating system will allow you to feel heated from the inside of your body to the outside. With this unique heating system, you will sweat, stretch and build your muscles, burn the fat, boost your metabolism and immune system! Burn up to 800 calories per hour and work your entire body from head to toe, inside and out, all in one class! Class temperature can reach up to 105 F so don't forget to pack a towel and water with your mat!

We will guide you on a journey to a rebirth, you will awaken to your life.

No prior flexibility or skill is necessary.

Hot Yoga ClassesHot yoga Classes:

Each teacher has been trained by Dorothy Guerra but brings their own style and uniqueness to each of the classes.

Want to challenge yourself in the heat a bit more? Try our Heated Pilates.