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89 Queen Street South (Enter at rear of the building from church street)
Unit A, 
Mississauga, Ontario  
L5M 1K7

821 Main Street
(above the Milton Soccer Club)
Milton, Ontario

Tel: 647-864-7119


For any matters related to Prenatal or Doula Services, please


Our Milton Mission: 

YOGA can Change the World

Please take a moment and watch this video:

YES, as a studio we can change the world.  We are not JUST another yoga studio.  My end goal with this studio was to open in a small community and build a huge yoga family that changes the world. And, I believe I can now begin that process as we start adding our other services.  I believe that yoga can give YOU a REBIRTH if you come with an open heart, quiet mind and listen to what happens inside as you practice.  Our walls are lined with wonderful sayings for a reason! If just one saying on the wall resonates with you and grabs you to do one thing different in your life then you experience change.  How can your change in our studio help the world? EASY.... Its your membership fees!  $10 for every member on the auto renew membership each month, will be donated to children's mission projects such as the one in the video you just watched.  Together as a studio we will sponsor children in Africa and other poverty stricken countries  where children live on poverished streets in countries that don't have the luxuries we take for granted every single day.  WE CAN GIVE THEM A REBIRTH.  As we sponsor these children I will place thier photos on our walls.  They become part of our practice and most importantly part of our yoga hearts.  Maybe you can join me to a mission in Africa this summer and see our dollars at work?

Don't just practice yoga. Live it. Donate or Sponsor a child and make a change with us.


Follow a weekly home Practice with our show:


Airs Wednesdays at 7:00am 12:00pm and 12:30am (next day) Channel 10.

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Watch this video on Dorothys labor technique: The Yoga Birth Method.

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Our Studio follows Bryan Kest’s approach to flow. We will challenge you to get to know your true self and encourage you to move beyond your limitations. No class is too hard, No class is too easy, every class is perfect for you but “to thyne ownself be true.”

It’s your practice and you get to go where you need to be every time you step on the mat. It’s your Rebirth Experience!

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