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89 Queen Street South (Enter at rear of the building from church street)
Unit A, 
Mississauga, Ontario  
L5M 1K7

821 Main Street
(above the Milton Soccer Club)
Milton, Ontario

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Pilates Instructor Training

The contents of our course are based on the actual practical needs of Pilates instructors and students. (Although anatomy is covered it is only to the basic level required to teach Pilates.) We concentrate on teaching you what you will need to know to be successful. We can help you avoid the "teething problems" and give you insights into how you too can be a successful teacher. This is your chance to learn the “secrets” of Pilates teachers! In addition to traditional Pilates we also cover a number of lifestyle issues which in reality are often an integral part of one-to-one tuition. This includes areas such as stress management, positive thinking, student needs, and more.

With the continuous assessment system to evaluate your ability as a Pilates instructor, you are evaluated during each session. We believe that this is far better than a one off exam. Because of this there is NO exam!

The great advantage of this course is that you can arrange your schedule for training to fit into your lifestyle and not be weighed down by time commitment. The course takes approximately 20 hours based on your needs and your ability to teach by the end of the course you walk away a qualified instructor.

Should you feel that you need a refresher post graduation, don’t hesitate to call us as we care about your teaching skills and the quality of safety and care you provide your students.  Will always make time for you!

Course Outline:

Learn the 5 basic principles essential to all pilates exercises

Learn 22 essential mat exercises for all levels.  Each exercise is broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced.  In addition we incorporate how to use stability ball for each individual exercise.

You will receive a chart format of all exercises where you are required to complete as your manual.  We go over all muscles groups and modifications for beginners and advanced techniques so that the instructor can work with all levels in one class setting or can work with special needs students as appropriate.

You will be required to teach each exercise as we learn, allowing yourself to become comfortable with words and cueing.

Together we develop a program that can work with beginners for 8 week sessions, drop in style classes for all levels, advanced class and personal or special needs clients.