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Private Training - Start anytime
Group Training - Tuesday evenings 7:00-9:30 starts February 2011

Are you considering a career path a yoga teacher or looking to teach out of general interest?  Is time commitment a concern for you in the learning process?

We make your training a stress free, enjoyable journey.  Our program caters to your learning needs and development.  It is one on one private training.  You have the ability to set your schedule, hours and pace.

The program is based on a 200 hour standard teaching schedule that can be done anywhere from 3 – 6 months.  However, arrangements can be made to finish sooner if your time commitment allows or can be extended longer if you feel you need to take it slow.  Start time is whenever you are ready!

The curriculum requires reading, practice and teaching time.  The homework is pre set and is done on your own time.  Through intense one on one time we learn the dynamics of all root poses and cover the benefits, cautions, modifications, prenatal aspects, restorative aspects, advanced techniques, verbal cueing and hands on correcting.

There may be group practice time depending on the number of students currently in the program.  We accept 5 students into training at a time and on an ongoing basis.

By the end of the course you will be trained to speak, correct and teach your own program created by you.  You will have completed your own Yoga Teaching Manual.


The program is designed to provide students with 250 hours of Certified Yoga Instruction. The main focus is on Hatha Yoga and developing a Vinyasa (flow) teaching style. The principles are based on Vanda Scaravelli's gentle hatha approach with awareness on alignment and the ability to develop a vinyasa style program as a teacher. At the end of the program, the student will receive a 250 hour completion certificate.

Hours Oulined


In this area the group will be given Asana class regularly which will enable the students to become familiar with their own practice and begin to develop insight from within themselves in order to effectively teach from the heart. The most authentic teacher is one that uses knowlege based from their own experiences.


We will look into the aspects of breathing, stress management, mental awareness and various medical conditions. How to incorporate Yoga into the lives of those that suffer from illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis and other major/minor illnesses.


The history and origins of yoga is an important foundational base of knowledge for instructors. We will study the 8 limbs of yoga, the BhagavadGita and Patangali's Yoga Sutras. This area will be primarily group discussion and open students up to introspection on personal morales and values. We will also reflect on society expectations and the behaviors of humankind.


We will cover the various breathing techniques used in Yoga practice such as Kapalabhakti, Alternate Nostril, and Ujayi. We will also look at the benefits of Meditation and the approach to various styles


This section will focus on the human body. Understanding the major systems being the digestive, respiratory, muscular, nervous and skeletal system. Students will be expected to recognize and identify various structures of the body by the end of the program.


Students will be expected to teach and assist classes within the group. In addition mock classes will be organized by the studio to allow students to develop confidence and an ability to work with other individuals in correcting postures and offering modifications. Feedback within the group will be an important aspect to the program.

Yoga Associations

After completion of each program you will be certified as a Yoga Teacher.  If you choose to become part of a recognized association after certification you may consider:

Each organization carries benefits to becoming registered as a yoga teacher.  Dorothy Guerra holds recognition with all three organizations.  Dorothy is the President of the Ontario Yoga Association and encourages membership and community involvement.